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Kase K75 Pro1.1 Holder Kit Review

Kase K75 Pro1.1 Holder Kit review

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Kase’s K75 Pro1.1 holder kit is a great choice of filter holder for small cameras. It’s designed for use with Kase’s Wolverine range of 1.1mm-thick filters, which means it doesn’t add much weight to your camera bag. The holder does its job well, the included polariser filter integrates nicely and adjusts easily, and Kase’s square and rectangular filters slip in soothly and are held firmly.


  • Great for small mirrorless cameras
  • Lightweight but well-made holder
  • Kit includes a magnetic polariser


  • Suitable for a maximum filter thread size of 67mm
  • Limited range of Wolverine 1.1mm filters

What is the Kase K75 Pro1.1 Holder Kit?

The Kase K75 Pro1.1 holder kit includes a filter holder that can hold Kase’s Wolverine 1.1mm filters, two lens adapter rings, some spare foam gaskets, a 67mm circular polarising filter that’s magnetic and a pouch that keeps everything together.

Although it’s designed to hold Kase’s 1.1mm-thick filters, it’s possible to buy filter rails that enable it to accommodate 2mm filters.

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Kase K75 Pro1.1 Holder Kit


Kase makes the filter holder from aviation grade aluminium, which is CNC-milled. This makes it strong and lightweight.

It also has a locking mechanism that helps prevent it from being accidentally removed from a lens.

Kase includes 67mm and 62mm adapters to mount the filter holder on a lens. These can be used on lenses with smaller filter threads via step-down rings.

As usual, the adapter screws onto the end of a lens and the filter holder mounts on to it. The holder has a slots that can accept three rectangular or square 1.1mm thick filters.

Ingeniously, the kit also includes a 67mm magnetic polarising filter. This mounts at the back of the holder, close to the lens front element. A dial or cog on the side of the filter holder allows the polarising filter to be rotated into the correct alignment.

Helpfully, the filter pouch has slots to house a small collection of filters and the holder. It has interchangeable short and long straps, plus a Velcro-fastening loop to enable it to be carried or fixed in a convenient location.

Kase K75 Pro1.1 Holder Kit review


The Kase K75 Pro1.1 filter holder feels very well made and it fixes securely onto an adapter ring.  The Kase Pro1.1mm Wolverine Filters also slot smoothly into place, giving a high quality feel.

In addition, the supplied polarising filter snaps smartly into position, and the dial enables it to be positioned quickly.

I used the Kase K75 filter holder with the Kase 75x100mm soft graduated neutral density (ND) 0.9 (3 stop) and the Wolverine Pro1.1 75mm ND 64 (6 stop) filters.

They reduced the exposure effectively without imparting a significant colourcast.


The K75 Pro1.1 holder kit is Kase’s alternative to the Lee Filters Seven5 filter system that’s designed for small mirrorless cameras. It’s a very nicely made filter system that accepts Kase’s super-thin, yet tough, filters.

The holder is compact and the filters are lightweight, which makes them a good pairing with a small camera. In addition, the filters are very good optically, and don’t impact a colourcast.

It’s a great filter kit provided you don’t want to use filters on lenses with a filter thread larger than 67mm. The only other drawback is that the 1.1mm filter range is currently quite limited.


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