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Best Panasonic cameras of 2019

Panasonic launched the first mirrorless camera when it debuted the Lumix G1 back in 2008, and over the years the company has developed an extensive range of Lumix cameras, as well as travel compacts and big zoom bridge cameras. In this guide we’ll round up the best Panasonic cameras for what you want to film or photograph.

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Osmo Pocket VS GoPro Hero7 Black HyperSmooth

It's an obvious Verses; Osmo Pocket Vs GoPro Hero7 Black, but is it a fair one? Not really, why, well let's take a look. The reason the comparison is drawn between the two is for one feature, the stabilisation. They both offer stabilisation, of a type unseen in cameras of this size before, it's truly…

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DJI Osmo Pocket review

The DJI Osmo Pocket has arrived and it’s the smallest and lightest camera and mechanical stabaliser I’ve ever seen. Is it any good? I’ll find out…

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Google Pixel 3 camera review Score 90%

Google Pixel 3 camera review

What Google has achieved with machine learning is nothing short of remarkable, but with just one lens and a lack of advanced control, there are still sacrifices to be made.

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iPhone XR camera review Score 85%

iPhone XR camera review

If you’re set on owning an iOS device, the iPhone XR is the cheapest way to get a current model. However, there are better performing Android phones in this price bracket, especially for photographers.

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Canon EOS R review Score 85%

Canon EOS R review

Canon has introduced some new controls with its first full-frame mirrorless camera. Find out how they perform in our Canon EOS R review.S R review.

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