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Action Camera Reviews

Action Cameras are small, light weight and enable you to shoot video anywhere. The compact design means that they can be attached to almost anything, and unlike conventional cameras they're designed to be attached rather than handheld, which is why they've become so popular with extreme sports enthusiasts.

The small size, ease of use and often full integration with mobile apps has also made them a more general popular camera choice. Best of all they're called action for a reason, the design, build and functionality means that they can withstand the elements as well as a knock or two, so an ideal choice for all the family.

As well as shooting video there's plenty of other features hidden inside these small devices, they shoot stills, time-lapse, some even feature motions and GPS sensors.

In this section we'll cover the latest action camera reviews, as well as a few links to the latest news and tips.

Yi 4k+ review first look

The action camera market is increasingly crowded with competing models, and these days it takes something really special for a camera that isn't a GoPro to get recognised. One of these that has broken through the pack is the Yi 4K+, a camera that is very special, as was the Yi 4K and Yi action…

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SJCAM SJ7 Star review Score 87%

SJCAM SJ7 Star review

SJCAM SJ7 Star Snap Verdict One of a new generation of action cameras the SJCAM comes packed with the latest generation of processor and sensor instantly proving it’s pedigree. Metal body, robust design and large clear screen offer a great deal but it’s the image quality that really makes this camera and excellent choice. For…

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Gitzo microphone boom XL, series 4, 7 section: Review Score 93%

Gitzo microphone boom XL, series 4, 7 section: Review

During this year's Photography Show myself and the Camera Jabber team were doing a small FaceBook live feature on the Manfrotto stand. Alonside the tripods, backpacks, backdrops and other equipment I spotted what turned out to be the Gitzo microphone boom XL. At the time I was filming Jeff running through the Xume Filter adapters with…

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