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Shimoda Explore 40 Backpack Review Score 90%

Shimoda Explore 40 Backpack Review

Shimoda Explore 40L Backpack Snap verdict The Explore 40L is a backpack for adventurers and explorers who need a no-fuss high-quality pack. Its design is simple, but there are two unique features, it has a fully modular design and customisable fit. There a series of kits are available and you can configure the layout to…

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Vanguard Alta Sky 45D review Score 90%

Vanguard Alta Sky 45D review

Snap Verdict For a camera backpack to stand out in a market that's packed is difficult, but with a reworked product range, Vanguard is managing to do just this. The Alta Sky 45D is a smart feature heavy multi-day pack that provides plenty of storage and protection for your kit. It's also one of the…

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Western Digital My Book Duo 12TB review Score 90%

Western Digital My Book Duo 12TB review

Western Digital My Book Duo 12TB Snap Verdict Western Digital is one of the best-known manufacturers of external storage. The company's My Book Duo range is an ideal solution for photographers and videographers. It's also seen a recent and significant update, with an all-new design and ultra-fast connection. As a dual drive, the hardware features…

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LoupeDeck + review Score 90%

LoupeDeck + review

The latest version of the LoupeDeck + editing console now has wider compatibility than just Adobe Lightroom and it can really speed your workflow.

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Linedock 13-inch review Score 95%

Linedock 13-inch review

Snap Verdict For all intents and purposes, the Linedock looks like a 13-inch MacBook Pro. Its sleek lines and design reflect the small Apple laptop, but with no screen, power supply or distinguishing features it’s difficult at first to tell exactly what it does. The Linedock has been designed to give back everything that Apple…

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