Report: Sony cancels features from new mirrorless camera to save components for PS5

Demand for DRAM from smartphone manufacturers for 5G technology is driving up production costs

Sony camera rumours 2016

Sony has canceled several planned features for an upcoming mirrorless camera launch in order to save some of the key parts for the pending PlayStation 5, Bloomberg reported.

According to sources speaking to Bloomberg, Sony has walked back on some of the planned specifications that were going to be included on an as yet unnamed mirrorless camera because they are becoming harder to get hold of. This is driving up the price.

The article states that Sony is prioritising its upcoming PS5 gaming console and struggling to launch it at a reasonable price tag. The article states:

“The company’s biggest headache is ensuring a reliable supply of DRAM and NAND flash memory, with both in high demand as smartphone makers gear up for fifth-generation devices.”

It’s thought that demand from 5G smartphone manufacturers for DRAM has greatly increased the production costs.

It’s not clear which new Sony camera the Bloomberg report is referring to, but the Sony A7S II is long-overdue and long-rumoured for an update.

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