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Hands-on Removu S1 review

Removu S1

A new gimbal that promises to stabilise GoPro footage whatever the weather. Our hands-on Removu S1 review has the low-down.

GoPro’s are great for getting video footage in locations that you wouldn’t normally take a camera, but shake can be a serious issue that ruins some sequences. Not surprisingly, there’s a been a growth in the numbers of stabilisation gimbals coming to market to help deal with the problem. The Removu S1 is one that caught our eyes when it’s development was announced a few months back and it was great to finally get hands-on with it at Photokina 2016.

One of the most attractive features of the Remove S1 is that it’s splash-proof, so you can use it in the wet and muddy conditions that are so loved by dedicated GoPro users. By the time it goes on sale in November, the S1 will be compatible with the GoPro Hero3, 3+, 4 and 5.

As they aren’t waterproof outside of their housings the S1 will come supplied with waterproof cases that fit the Hero3, 3+ and 4+, but as the GoPro Hero5 is waterproof it can be used with just a frame case.

Removu S1

Another great feature of the S1 is that the handle is detachable, allowing the top stabilised section to be used by itself. This is ideal for mounting via a standard GoPro attachment on the handlebars of a bike or the top of a helmet. An OLED screen on the gimbal displays the mode (pan, follow or lock).

Removu S1

The handle also has a removable remote control that uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with the gimbal, allowing you to adjust the angle of the camera using a joystick and change the mode of the gimbal wherever it’s mounted.

Helpfully, the mode is shown on the OLED screen on the remote so you know how the gimbal will respond to movement.

Removu S1

The remote clips neatly into the handle, which itself locks into the the gimbal head for hand-held use.

Removu S1

There are three buttons on the side of the gimbal, the first is the power button while the second, marked ‘P’ activates the Bluetooth pairing for the remote control. Pressing the third button, marked ‘M’ toggles through the modes mentioned earlier.

The S1 is supplied with two rechargeable batteries, each of which have a claimed 2-3hour life. The Removu S1 price tag is set for £320/€330 and goes on sale in November.

Removu S1

Hands-on Removu S1: Early verdict

Unlike some gimbals for GoPro, the Removu S1 doesn’t have trailing cables, which makes it easier to use and less likely to get tangled. The joystick on the remote that clicks into the handle also makes it very easy to adjust the angle of the camera so you get exactly the shot that you want.

We’ve yet to put the Removu S1 to serious use and examine the footage, but it appears to iron out some significant movements and should ensure nice stable footage. We’re really looking forward to getting hold of a review sample in the near future.


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