News |Reflex 1 SLR film camera will support a digital back

Reflex 1 SLR film camera will support a digital back

Reflex 1 35mm film camera officially launches on Kickstarter

Ever since the Reflex 1 SLR film camera launched on Kickstarter last month the team behind it has been fielding questions about whether it will support a digital back.

The team at Reflex has confirmed to Camera Jabber that “a digital back is 100% in Reflex’s design thinking and in the product roadmap.”

The Reflex SLR employs a modular design, most notably its Reflex I-Plate, which is an interchangeable lens-mount plate that allows users to adapt most manual legacy glass such as Nikon (F-mount), Canon (FD), Olympus (OM) and Pentax (PK).

However, Reflex says that it isn’t able to provide a time frame on when digital backs will be available for the camera, as it’s focus now is on delivering the first units to its backers on Kickstarter.

The Reflex SLR is due to begin shipping in August 2018.

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