News |Profoto Pro-11: price, specs, availability confirmed

Profoto Pro-11: price, specs, availability confirmed

Profoto Pro-11

Profoto has announced the release of the Profoto Pro-11. This new flagship product features world beating speed and incredible power.

As is now becoming standard across the Profoto range is the inclusion of their latest AirX technology for greater connectivity in and out of the studio.

Profoto packs have been the choice of many studio photographers for years and the Profoto Pro-11 builds on the companies years of experience.

1/80,000s flash duration

You read that correctly the Profoto Pro-11 features an ultra fast 1/80,000s flash duration. Combine this speed with the AirX technology and alongside todays latest high resolution medium format cameras you have all the tools to capture images like never before.

Alongside the latest flash technology the AirX feature enables you to link in with your smartphone for ultimate flexibility.

On a busy shoot when time is of the essence you cant wait around for your lamps to recycle. Profoto has ensured ultra fast recycle times of between 0.02-0.7 seconds.

As Profoto’s flag ship product we expect power and the Profoto Pro-11 doesn’t fail to impress with 2400Ws f-stop.

Alongside all that power and speed is consistency and that’s what marks Profoto out against much of the competition.

The Profoto Pro-11 is available now to buy or rent. For more information check out


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