News |Profoto Launches the New Fresnel Small Light Shaping Tools

Profoto Launches the New Fresnel Small Light Shaping Tool

Bringing back the classic hollywood lighting

Profoto Fresnel Small Light

Profoto has unveiled the Fresnel Small, a modern take on the classic Fresnel light designed to offer photographers precise control over their light beams. Thanks to its high-quality lens and robust engineering, this tool provides the iconic Hollywood lighting style with contemporary performance. The Fresnel Small features vented housing for heat dissipation and is built to last. It’s ideal for photographers aiming to create striking, artistic images with a clean and crisp light quality.

The Fresnel Small is a versatile addition to any photographer’s toolkit, providing a new level of control and creativity. The integrated lens is key to its precision, enabling photographers to sculpt light accurately. This makes it an essential tool for those looking to achieve professional-quality lighting effects reminiscent of classic cinematic scenes.

Profoto’s commitment to superior design is evident in the Fresnel Small’s construction. The vented housing not only helps with heat management but also ensures durability, making it a reliable choice for both studio and location shoots. Its ability to produce consistent light quality aligns with Profoto’s reputation for performance and reliability.

For more details, visit Profoto Fresnel Small.

The Profoto Fresnel Small Light will be priced at £1,145.83 and is available now from the Profoto website

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