News |Profoto Camera App for B10 and B10 Plus now available

Profoto Camera App for B10 and B10 Plus now available


Profoto’s smartphone camera app that works with its B10 and B10 Plus studio lights is now available.

The lights have Bluetooth connectivity built-in and it’s this that allows a smartphone to connect to them and take control.

Smartphone cameras require a much more flexible flash-length than a traditional camera. This makes it more difficult to fire the flash at the exact time and length to expose the image. Profoto is the first company to successfully bring the full power of professional flashes to smartphones with their proprietary “Profoto AirX” technology.

The app is free and is designed to enable photographers to use the high-end flash units with their iPhone camera. An Android version is still in development.

Profoto’s B10 and B10 Plus are small studio lights with a clip-in rechargeable battery. Their size and portability, plus the fact that they can be used in TTL or manual mode has seen them become popular with wedding and event photographers.

Profoto App Control

Profoto’s app is compatible with iPhone 7 and newer iPhones running on iOS 11 or newer. It gives control over key aspects of the camera such as the focus point, exposure, white balance and self-timer. However, the output of any connected B10/B10 Plus lights can also be adjusted.

This means that photographers can use the lights just as they would with a regular camera.

Follow the link to download the app


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