Profoto announces new OFC II light shaping tools

Profoto announces new OFC II light shaping tools

Profoto has announced a new range of OCF II light shaping tools, priced from $69, which includes barndoors, a snoot, grid and gel kit and more.

Among Promotors new OCF II light shaping tools are the OCF II Barndoor, Snoot, Grid & Gel Kit, Grids and Gels.

Profoto’s OCF Barndoor is designed for use with the Profoto B10, B10 Plus and B1X. It mounts directly on an OCF flash and rotates 360 degrees to shape your beam spread. It also boasts a magnetic mount for OCF II Gels and Grids.

The OCF II Grid and Gel kit includes the Grid & Gel holder, a 20-degree grid, a full CTO Gel and a Half CTO. It also features the magnetic attachment.

Profoto’s OCF II Snoot eliminates light spill and tunnels your light into a circle. It features a collapsible design and boasts a quick-mount Profoto collar.

Profoto’s OCF II Half and Quarter CTO and CTB Gels, Gel Ring and 20-degree Grid mount via magnets.

Pre-order all the new Profoto OCF II light shaping tools from B&H Photo Video.

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