Profoto addresses concerns about A1’s flashes on full charge

Profoto A1 Review

Profoto has sent a message out to its users addressing user questions about the number of flashes the A1 battery can deliver from a full charge.

It appears some users have reported a lower number of flashes from the Profoto A1, and the company says this could either be down to the A1’s firmware being out of date or because some early production units may have had a hardware issue.

Profoto sent the following email out to its users:

Dear Profoto user,

The Profoto A1 battery is designed to deliver up to 350 full power flashes on a full charge depending on the shooting conditions. However, some customers have experienced a lower number of flashes and there could be 2 reasons for this:

1) Your A1 Firmware is out of date

Solution – Update the firmware to version B5 or later for your Profoto A1. To do this, register or log in to My Profoto and download the latest update & installation instructions.

2) Some very early production units have a hardware issue

This can be identified by rapidly draining battery or the head heating up while set to standby and not in use. This problem is related to the zoom motor which might drain the battery and overheat

Solution – Run the following test:

– Turn on your Profoto A1 and put it in standby-mode in room temperature
– Leave it in standby mode for 15-20 minutes. Do not use the A1 during this time.
– If you then are experiencing distinct temperature rise on the head of your Profoto A1 unit, please contact your local Profoto dealer or distributor – a complete list can be found at

We apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused our customers.