News |PowerRay underwater drone for photographers can film 4K at 98 feet

PowerRay underwater drone for photographers can film 4K at 98 feet


If you’ve wanted to shoot underwater photography but can’t bear the thought of donning a scuba mask, the PowerRay could be your solution.

The PowerRay is a new submersible camera drone that can operate at a depth of 98 feet, or 30 metres.

Its battery life claims to be a whopping four hours, and it can be used in either salt, fresh or chlorinated water.

Launched by PowerVision Technology Group, which introduced the PowerEgg flying robot a few years ago, the PowerRay boasts a 4K camera and optical components by ZEISS.

The PowerRay comes with a 50-metre cable that tethers the underwater drone to a base station back above water and helps prevent it from getting swept away in a strong current.

It’s via this cable, as well, that video footage transmits back to the base station.

The PowerRay isn’t cheap, with prices ranging from $1,715 to $2,250 / €1,599 to €2,099. The more expensive option includes a VR headset on which users can watch first-person views of their footage.

Introduced at CES earlier this year, the PowerRay is now shipping.

Via TechCrunch

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