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Portrait Pro 19 available now

Portrait Pro 19

Wanting to get a better than life look for your portraits, then check out Portrait Pro 19. Over the years the software has been fine-tuned to offer a complete visual makeover for your models. 

Need to clear skin, boost eye colour, clean slightly less than perfect teeth then all the tools you need are quickly assessable and easy to use. 

Not only that if you want to do a little facial sculpting, then there’s plenty of scope for adjusting the models bone structure to get your portraits quite literally looking better than life! 

Let’s take a quick look at some of the new and enhanced features of the latest version. 

Cleaner skin with CleanSkin 5

The effects of the previous version of the cleanSkin feature already had a dramatic impact. Still, now with the latest deep learning technology, these CleanSkin features are more advanced and natural than ever. 

The software is now able to tell the difference between blemishes, freckles and moles and with the new adjustment tools, the software will enable you to find the right balance while keeping the model character. 

Fix portrait lighting

Harsh lighting that overexposes one side of your models face while plunging the other into darkness is challenging to solve.

However, the new fix lighting feature has been specially developed to recover lost highlights and draw out shadow detail.

Interactive tutorials

It’s amazing what a short tutorial can uncover within an application. Here a series of new and enhanced tutorials have been added which will help you to master the application. 

Follow along and use the supplied practical examples before moving onto your portraits. 

Expression tools

Has the model pulled a face that you didn’t notice at the time, or need to make that subtle expression change to fit clients brief, then this new feature could be a lifesaver. 

A quick tweak of the tools, and you can change the model’s facial expression.

Acurate lens correction

New 3D technology has been incorporated to help with accurate lens correction. Eradicate distortion from the wide-angle lens and get the look you intended. 

Enhanced features

  • Improved intelligent feature finding
  • Improved background editing
  • Improved advanced hair editing
  • Improved picture controls
  • Improved faster batch processing

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