PortaitPro Body adds auto body selection

PortaitPro Body adds auto body selection

Want the perfect body? Then check out PortraitPro. The software enables you to slim down, bulk up, nip and tuck and sculpt curves all within the comfort of the digital darkroom.

Now the latest updated adds auto body selection. This enables the software to detect arms, legs, body etc so that it’s even easier to apply a series of fast auto enhancements to the body.

PortaitPro Body takes Photoshopping to the next level. This level of digital body sculpting certainly raises a good area for debate, is this actually ethical, should consent be sought from the model etc?

But, however you feel about the topic there’s no doubt the enhancements are impressive and the results truly are better than life.

For more details on PortraitPro Body please check out portraitprobody.com