PolarPro launches Basecamp, Summit filter systems

PolarPro's toolless filter systems are designed to be ultra-lightweight

PolarPro launches Basecamp, Summit filter systems

PolarPro has announced two new filter systems, the lightweight matte box Basecamp and Summit range filter system.

The new Basecamp claims to be the lightest matte box system available, weighing just 438g. The unit is constructed of carbon fibre and aluminium and uses a modular, toolless design that allows users to swap filters in and out quickly.

Aimed at filmmakers, the Basecamp also features a removable flag and hood. It’s also designed to allow you to use a dedicated variable ND filter.

PolarPro’s Basecamp matte box is priced $299 on its own, or you can get the complete system with variable ND filters for $699.

PolarPro launches Basecamp, Summit filter systems

PolarPro’s Summit system is aimed at stills photographers, primarily landscape shooters. It’s also designed for toolless swapping of filters.

The filters themselves have also been designed with a finger grip along the top to help minimise finger prints when swapping filters.

The Summit filters also sit within an aluminium frame. The Summit unit itself screws directly on to the end of your lens.

PolarPro’s Summit kit is priced $699, or $249 for the holder itself. ND filters are priced $199, while the circular polariser costs $149.

You can buy PolarPro products at retailers such as Adorama in the US or Wex Photo Video in the UK.

Via RedShark News

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