David Loftus is a long-standing judge of Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year and now Chair of Judges. For those of you who know David’s work, and drool at his delicious Instagram posts, he will require no further introduction. For those of you who are new to the world of Lord Loftus, he is responsible for the food photography of all but one of Jamie Oliver’s cookery books, he has also worked with Gennaro Contaldo, Rachel Khoo and April Bloomfield, to name a few.

We asked him what he’ll be looking for from the images in this year’s competition:

Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year: What the judges look for

Chair of Judges, David Loftus

“I’ll be looking for something a little different from the norm with the entries next year, something inventive and something new.”

Edibility is key, so when David begins the preliminary judging process in February, the food has to cry out to be eaten.

Food should, in David’s mind, be shot as naturally as possible, quickly, as fresh as can be and preferably in natural light, but he’s well aware that is not to everyone’s taste.

David got a taste for photography when he was 8, shooting on an Olympus Trip which his father had bought him.

Second-hand photography annuals taught him that great photography is spontaneous and natural and doesn’t follow the rules. Blurred movement isn’t bad, light sources don’t have to come from in front of the camera, and rules are meant to be broken.

He goes on to say, “Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year covers every corner of the culinary experience, from source to mouth, so the breadth of subject matter is always impressive.” You see what he means if you take a look at Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year categories page.

Visit David’s website at http://www.davidloftus.com

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