News |Phottix unveils new Cerberus all-in-one lighting mount

Phottix unveils new Cerberus all-in-one lighting mount

Phottix unveils new Cerberus all-in-one lighting mount

Phottix has launched the Cerberus Multi Mount, which it says is an all-in-one system for mounting all sorts of lighting from hotshoe flashes to lightshapers.

The Phottix Cerberus system allows photographers to mount speedlights to Bowens S-mount, Elinchrom and Phottix Transfolder accessories.

The Cerberus uses a jaw-like clamp structure that Phottix says can securely clamp the head of almost any hotshoe flash in a spring-loaded clamp lined with grippy, rubber-like material.

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The Cerberus system is available in different combinations:

  • Griffin Universal Flash Mount
  • Bowens S compatible Speedring
  • Elinchrom compatible Speedring
  • Cerberus Transfolder Mount Kit which includes Griffin Universal Flash Mount with
  • Transfolder mount (non-removable) and Varos BG
  • Cerberus Multi Mount Kit which includes Cerberus Transfolder Mount Kit, Elinchrom-compatible mount and Bowens S compatible mount

The Phottix Cerberus kit will launch this month, with prices ranging from:

  • Phottix Cerberus Multi Mount Kit – £99
  • Phottix Bowens Speedring for Cerberus – £22
  • Phottix Elinchrom Speedring for Cerberus – £20
  • Phottix Griffin Universal Flash Mount – £25
  • Phottix Cerberus Multi Mount Varos – £79
  • Phottix Cerberus Multi Mount Holder – £55
  • Phottix Cerberus Multi Mount w/Bowens – £69


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