News |Phottix launches Spartan Beauty Dish

Phottix launches Spartan Beauty Dish

Phottix launches Spartan Beauty Dish

Phottix has unveiled the Spartan Beauty Dish which also transforms into an octa softbox to provide soft lighting for portrait photography.

Designed for both in the studio or on location, Phottix says the Spartan is assembled with flexible rods that make it easier to put together.

Also included with this kit is a beauty dish ‘disk’, fabric grid and front diffuser, all helping to create alternative and exciting lighting effects.

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To transform the beauty dish into an octa softbox, Photttix says one needs to remove the metal reflector and replace it with a supplied internal white baffle.

The Phottix Spartan comes in 50cm (£99) and 70cm (£129) sizes and is available now.


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