News |Phottix debuts Indra500LC studio lighting system for Canons

Phottix debuts Indra500LC studio lighting system for Canon

Phottix debuts Indra500LC studio lighting system for Canon

Phottix has unveiled the first ever studio lighting system compatible with Canon’s radio flash system, introducing the Phottix Indra500LC.

The Phottix Indra500LC gives Canon photographers 500W/s of TTL power, with flash frequency of 1-100 flashes per second and flash counts of 1-100 times.

In manual mode, the Indra500LC also offers 8 stops of power adjustment – from full power to 1/128 sec, in 1/3rd stop increments.

The new Phottix system also offers a Stroboscopic Mode, which can even be used for special effects on compatible Canon cameras.

Get this Phottix Ares flash trigger set for just £64!

Other features include the ability to switch between TTL and manual modes, adjust EV and manual power levels and use high speed sync, all from the Canon ST-E3, compatible Canon RT speed lights and the Phottix Laso Transmitter – with no extra hardware required.

The New Phottix Indra500LC price tag will be £1,099 upon its release date in November 2016.

Include with the Indra500LC at that price is a Li-Ion battery, cables, charger, carrying bag and a new 5” reflector.


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