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HOW TO... PhotoLemur: is this quick photo editor a revelation in image enhancement?

Photo Lemur

Over the years there’s been a string of mediocre auto image enhancement applications. The one thing that most have in common is the over-saturation and over-working of the shadow and highlight detail.

At present we’re seeing the next generation of imaging applications, and the results from the likes of DxO Optics Pro 11 and Landscape Pro have shown a huge leap forward in quality. These new applications are able to read the image they’re given and then balance the adjustments that are applied. After the auto correction you can then go in and tweak the image to your preferences.

Now there’s a new application, PhotoLemur, and this is by far the simplest to use application yet. Just load the image, wait a couple of seconds and the application will show you the effect of the before and after.

When it comes to adjustment there’s a slider bar at the bottom that enables you to sway the adjustment between realistic and Vivid, and that’s it. You can then adjust and export the image.

The rest of the interface is also simple, one button to load an image or selection of images which will then appear at the bottom of the interface. Next to this is the Fit options of which you have ‘Fit’ or ‘100%’, the quick preview, before and after split screen preview, crop, save and share options and that’s it.

At present the software is in beta but looks close to a finished product. In our test of the beta we fed in JPEG and RAW files one at a time and in batches and PhotoLemur handled all well.

The lack of adjustment is a little disconcerting but there’s no doubt that the fast processing and quality of the results will be well worth it if the price is correct.

PhotoLemur will make an ideal choice for anyone who wants a quick photo fix without wanting to get into the adjustments themselves. It’s also an ideal choice for wedding and event photographers who have a mass of images that they need to plough through in a short time.

The two images below show the Before (top) and After (bottom):

Photo Lemur Before Photo Lemur After


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