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Photo Lemur

Photolemur, the new photo editing app that uses ‘Artificial Intelligence to learn the enhancements you like or dislike to improve in the future’ is now available for purchase.

Photolemur is a one-click auto-enhancement tool designed to allow users to process dozens of photos at a time to speed up photographers’ post-processing workflow.

The app’s developers say that Photolemur doesn’t have any hard coded filters, but rather, it applies specific enhancements to each image via algorithms that recognise objects, faces, trees, sky, foliage and more.

Photolemur’s developers say the software can differentiate between portraits, landscapes and macro images to deliver tailored edits to these types of images.

In short, the makers of Photolemur state that the app removes the need for manual control, or even human involvement, in photo editing while retaining the same level of enhancement.

How Does Photolemur Work?

Developers say that Photolemur analyses millions of pixels per second, identifying individual features such as trees, faces, foliage etc.

As you edit more images in Photolemur, every saved or shared photo builds a database of what are deemed successful enhancements, and every non-saved image goes into an unsuccessful database.

Photolemur then uses this data to build a database of what it determines you like and dislike in your images.

Among Photolemur’s key enhancements are:

  • Automatic color recovery to bring back lost colours
  • Sky Enhancement
  • Exposure Compensation
  • Smart Dehaze
  • Natural Light Correction, which considers the time of day of your photos and adjusts tones, exposure and contrast to bring out the natural colors and lighting
  • Foliage Enhancement, which picks out individual trees, leaves and shrubbery and adjusts colours, sharpness and more
  • Noise Reduction
  • Tint Perfection
  • JPG Fix, which brings back the lost detail that can happen when you save to format
  • Face recognition
  • Batch Processing up to 40 Photos

A Windows version of Photolemur will be available in early 2017, the company says. Photolemur is available for order now for $29.


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