Video Tips

How to choose and use the right memory cards for shooting video

Terms such as read speeds, write speeds, UHS Speed Classes, CF, XQD, SD, V Class and many more may seem like techno babble to many but they are key to choosing and using memory cards to capture and manage your video footage. We explain the sometimes confusing world of memory cards and explains what you need to know when choosing cards for shooting video.

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How to live stream with your GoPro Hero

Live streaming is big news, and here at Camera Jabber we're partial to a little live broadcasting at times. Although the process of live streaming through your chosen mobile phone network is easy, not all cameras support the feature. Mobile phones are all very well and good, but using both the camera and network to broadcast…

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How to use the Ronin App for the DJI Ronin-S

The DJI Ronin-S is an incredible piece of kit, but the hardware is just the start of the story. To access this gimbal's full feature set you have to delve into the app as it's an integral part of the outfit. Whilst you can use the gimbal without, the app is required for many of…

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How (and when) to use pull focus when filming video

Simply put, the pull focus technique enables you to switch the focus of your shot from one subject to another. I’s a way for videographers to pull the viewer’s attention from one item in a scene to another, such as during dialogue. In this tutorial we show you how to pull focus on your mirrorless camera or DSLR.

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