News |Photo Studio Ultimate 2023 Announced

Photo Studio Ultimate 2023 Announced

ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate

ACDSee has been developing its advanced photo and video software for many years and has a dedicated following of users. Now the company has announced the update to its flag ship photo editing software, Photo Studio Ultimate 2023.

Photo Studio Ultimate 2023 offers a wide range of photo enhancement and editing tools, but takes image enhancement a step futher than many other photo editing packages with the introduction all-new artifical intelligence (AI) powered features. AI Face Edit and AI Actions are two of these new AI based features which looks exciting and we’ll be putting them through their paces soon. Alongside the advanced AI are more traditional software updates that will make photo editing easier and faster. 

Tools to help with the organisation of your image files include the new advanced search. This new search expands on the exsisting features by adding AND/OR capabilities. 

“The new features and enhancements help photographers edit photos and manage them in various ways, all instantly. By taking advantage of the new AI Features and Advanced Search, photographers will find their process flowing smoother than ever before. Photo Studio Ultimate 2023 is the ticket to a future where Artificial Intelligence will help transcend a photographer beyond their limits.” – Frank Lin, COO & CTO.

ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2023 is available to pre-order now and can be brought outright or through a new subscription model.

Key Features:

  • AI Face Edit – Edit facial features such as the Face, Eyes, Nose, Mouth and more.
  • AI Actions – Perform complex procedures such as selecting the sky, subject, or removing backgrounds, all with a single click.
  • Advanced Search with And/Or Logic
  • Improved and speedier Quick Search
  • ACDSee Photomerge – Includes Panoramic Stitching, HDR, and Focus Stacking
  • Shape Selection Tool
  • Tighter Integration with Microsoft OneDrive
  • Layered Editing
  • Face Detection & Facial Recognition
  • Powerful Batch Tools
  • RAW Development
  • Light EQ™
  • Path Text
  • Pixel Targeting
  • Color & Tone Wheels
  • Liquify Tool
  • RAW support for 700+ cameras

Pricing for Photo Studio Ultimate 2023: 

$149.99 USD / €179.99 EUR / £131.99 GBP 

For more information visit the ACDSee website


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