News |Phase One updates XF Camera System with more focus, anti-shake tools

Phase One updates XF Camera System with more focus, anti-shake tools


Phase One has announced the fourth update to its mirrorless medium format XF Camera System, introducing a range of focusing controls and features designed to limit camera shake during capture.

In addition to the new tools for better focus control and accuracy, Phase One’s XF update 4 also aims to improve on the system’s existing functionality.

If you’re a Phase One XF Camera System user, you can download Update 4 here.

Among the key features in the update are:

Auto Focus & Recompose

This new mode employs 3D sensors within the XF Camera System to enable you to focus on a subject and then recompose the frame while retaining your desired focus point. The XF Camera System uses a predictive algorithm, in tandem with audio feedback queues, to anticipate your movement and automatically adjust focus, letting you know you’ve got the shot.

Focus Trim Tool

This automation tool allows you to trim your lenses and certify any variations are accounted for. Phase One says the Focus Trim Tool also offers built-in analysis of the calibration conditions to ensure focus is achieved and is provided with a customised focus calibration target.

Vibration Analysis

The Vibration Analysis tool provides visual feedback to help remote users know if, during the capture, any external forces may have affected the result.

Infinite Vibration Delay

An expansion of the XF Camera System’s built-in ability to wait for optimal conditions before releasing the shutter, Infinite Vibration Delay now allows the camera to continue waiting indefinitely in a state of hibernation for calm, stable, and vibration-free conditions.

Zoom to Focus

In connection with the new Autofocus and Recompose mode, Zoom to Focus allows photographers to verify the focus by providing a dynamic image preview option in the IQ Digital Back, automatically enlarging captured images to the point of focus.

Focus Nudge

Any dial on the XF can be assigned to accurately step lens focus to minute degrees. Used together with Live View, this new feature provides an incredible degree of precision for control.

Automatic Focus Stack Calculator

This tool complements the existing Focus Stacking feature by evaluating focusing distances, sensor resolution, and aperture, then automatically suggesting the optimal number of frames that should be captured. This ensures superior image quality in the results.

Profoto Remote Trigger

In addition to the existing wireless control of Profoto lights from the XF Camera System, it has now been made possible to shoot the XF Camera System using the Profoto Air Remote as a wireless remote trigger.

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