Tutorials |Phase One Capture One Pro 10 debuts with slew of new features

Phase One Capture One Pro 10 debuts with slew of new features

Phase One Capture One Pro 10 debuts with slew of new features

Phase One has announced the launch of the latest iteration of its photo editing software, Phase One Capture Pro 10 – price €279 / $299 – available for Mac and Windows.

Chief among the new improvements in Capture One Pro 10 is an enhanced interface that Phase One says promises faster browsing, zooming, panning and switching between images at 100 percent view.

The software also adds a new default workspace with guides for new users and examples of techniques to help them get started.

Phase One says it has also given photographers more control over the sharpening process with a new lens tool option that corrects lost sharpness caused by diffraction.

A new Halo Suppression slider and a new blending algorithm allows users to sharpen an entire image, or just various elements within it, while a recipe tool allows users to specify the distance from which the final output image should be viewed.

What’s more, for photographers looking to print their images, Capture One Pro 10’s improved proof mode allows users simulate the final size, resolution, colour, compression artifacts and sharpening of images.

Also new in Capture One Pro 10 is a camera focus tool module for tethered cameras.

Other features include:

  • New filter option: search by orientation of images
  • Optimisation of Jpeg output for size/quality
  • Move folders in catalogs
  • Auto masking extended to any editable file type (including Xtrans)
  • Improved compressed RAW and Fuji support
  • Hardware acceleration – OpenCL is now enabled by default
  • Stripe reduction LCC for 100MP
  • Optimised LCC creation
  • Computer ID in license for activation management
  • Apple script – new properties (Mac only)

Phase One Capture One Pro 10 Price

New customers can purchase Capture One Pro 10 for €279 / $299. Capture One Pro is also available by subscription.

Owners of Capture One Pro 8 and 9 may upgrade for $99 / €99. For those who purchased Capture One Pro 9 since November 1, 2016, Phase One is offering a grace period, exempting them from the upgrade fee.

Eligible customers can click here to download their upgrade and reuse their license key.

A single-user subscription is $15 / €12 per month for a 12-month plan. Click here to see all the different Capture One Pro 10 subscription options.


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