Pentax K-1, 645Z firmware updates add compatibility to tethering software

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Ricoh has released new firmware updates for the Pentax K-1 and 645Z which makes the cameras compatible with its IMAGE Transmitter 2 tethering software.

Ricoh’s IMAGE Transmitter 2 software allows the Pentax cameras to be controlled remotely from your Mac or PC. Users can make adjustments to exposure controls, as well as trigger the shutter.

This software was, in fact, just updated itself to version 2.3 and now allows users to control white balance, drive mode, image size and quality, image format, live view magnification and focus adjustment, even memory card slot selection.

Click here to download firmware version 1.41 for the Pentax K-1, firmware version 1.23 for the Pentax 645Z, as well as version 2.3 of IMAGE Transmitter 2.3.