Ricoh has announced a new firmware update to its medium format Pentax 645Z which adds new functionality for photographers shooting outside.

Ricoh has released firmware version 1.30 for the Pentax 645Z, which it says improves the medium format camera’s performance.

Chief among these is a new Outdoor View Setting mode that sets the optimum monitor level of brightness depending on your light conditions.

Pentax 645Z firmware version 1.30 also adds a new red-lighted LCD monitor display feature.

Ricoh says the new red-lit LCD functionality helps prevent photographers’ pupils from constricting after they’ve grown accustomed to a dark environment. This would be of benefit to astrophotographers and others who shoot night photography.

Pentax 645Z firmware version 1.30 is available now. Click here to download the firmware.

Via Pentax Rumors

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