Peak Design overhauls Everyday line with new V2 bags

Peak Design has also added new bags to the range, as well as new capacities in existing models


Peak Design has announced an update to the bags in its popular Everyday line, as well as introduced some new bags to the range.

Peak Designs Everyday V2 includes updates to the Everyday Backpack, Everyday Messenger, Everyday Sling and Everyday Tote. An Everyday Totepack, Everyday Backpack Zip and a smaller 3L version of the Sling also now join the range.

Peak Design’s flagship bag, the Everyday Backpack gets new pockets and expansion straps in the V2 update, and the company has also tweaked its shape.

All the new Everyday V2 bags are made of new 100% recycled fabrics and feature stronger UltraZips and MagLatch connections. Peak Design says the bags’ straps have also been made softer.

Bag capacities have all largely stayed the same. The 5L Everyday Sling option is now 6L, and Peak Design has added a 3L version beneath it.

The new Totepack is 15L, while the new Everyday Backpack Zip is available in 15L and 20L versions.

You can purchase Peak Design’s Everyday range from its website or from retailers such as Adorama or Wex Photo Video.

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