Paralenz action camera for divers can reach 200 metres

Paralenz action camera for divers can reach 200 metres

Danish startup Paralenz has launched a new action camera aimed specifically at divers, which claims to function at depths of 200 metres.

Paralenz requires no waterproof housing; its body design is waterproof, and the underwater action camera claims to automatically correct colour using a pressure sensor to adapt to the depth you’re filming at.

The Paralenz camera can capture still images in 8-megapixel resolution, and it can record video in 4K resolution for more than two hours. It can also record HD video in 1080p resolution at 30fps for 3.5 hours.

Another novel feature of the Paralenz camera is that it logs your dive and builds a profile of the experience via a Paralenz app, where it stores all your images and video recordings. In addition it logs the time and depth at which they were taken.

Priced at €649, the Paralenz camera is available now from the company’s website.

Via PetaPixel

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