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Panasonic ZS70 / TZ90 sample photos Review

Panasonic ZS70 / TZ90 sample photos

The Panasonic TZ90 – known as the Panasonic ZS70 in the United States – is the company’s new travel zoom compact camera. In this gallery of sample photos you can get a flavour of what it is capable of achieving.

Our tests are ongoing, but what has impressed me so far in my Panasonic ZS70 / TZ90 sample photos is the camera’s ability to cope with difficult light conditions. As you can see in my gallery below, I’ve been shooting in strong light and into the sun, yet the Panasonic TZ90 / ZS70 manages to retain some detail in those white clouds, as well as in a dark foreground.

Image quality been quite good so far in my Panasonic ZS70 / TZ90 sample photos. The camera does a great job of producing nice images across a variety of conditions, which is testament to its metering system.

Sometimes its are slightly on the cool side of the temperature scale, but the colours are on the whole very accurate. And when you enable the camera’s iDynamic mode you can capture a nice range of tones.

The Panasonic TZ90 / ZS70 so far can be relied upon to capture detail and rich colours across a variety of light conditions, and this is really what you want from a travel zoom camera.

It’s worth noting that none of the images in this Panasonic ZS70 / TZ90 sample photos gallery have had any editing in Photoshop, save for a slight crop here and there.

Panasonic TZ90 sample photos

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