Panasonic to launch 8K full frame camera by 2020

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Panasonic will announce an 8K full frame camera by 2020, according to a senior representative of Panasonic France.

L Rumors has translated an interview with Panasonic France Manager Mathilde Lécuyer in the French website Mizuwari in which she elaborates on the company’s reasons for entering the full-frame market and says “Panasonic will keep the promise” and announce a full-frame camera that can record 8K video within the next two years.

According to the interview, Panasonic was considering developing a full-frame camera as far back as eight years ago.

Lécuyer said that the decision to go full frame was to overcome some of the physical limitations that come with Micro Four Thirds sensors. She said the company’s ambition is 8K video, but it is “complicated” to achieve this with Micro Four Thirds.