Reviews |Panasonic pro users’ thoughts on the Lumix G80

Panasonic pro users’ thoughts on the Lumix G80 Review

Panasonic pro users’ thoughts on the Lumix G80

The Panasonic G80 is an exciting new camera, but what do professional photographers who shoot with Panasonic cameras think about it? Here’s what they had to say…

Ross Grieve, portrait photographer

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I love the G80. I have the GH4, GX8 and the now the G80 and it naturally slots into the Lumix G family of cameras. I have used it in the studio and on location at Photokina, and also for internal photography too. I have attached images for you.

Because of its size I tend to use it only in the studio, but this is as I use the GX8 for street photography. The feel of the G80 with the battery grip will please a lot of users as it gives that extra piece of comfort. It feel robust and solid and looks great too.

Ross Grieve, portrait photographer

Photos: Ross Grieve

Depending on what my clients requirements are defines which camera I use.

The eco mode is a huge bonus as is the removal of the low pass filter. These cameras really do produce stunning images. Photography has become affordable again.

Featured image at the top of the page copyright Ross Grieve. Make-up Artist: Amrie Duckett and the Model: Lucy Mottram.

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Luke Massey, wildlife photographer

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What would you use it for?

I used it in Zambia as a quite capable filming and stills camera for wildlife. I was shooting with it on a Panasonic 100-400 which is great. With my GH4 however I use a Metabones speed booster so I can use the GH4 on my Canon 500mm which makes for a great combo!

The G80 seemed sharper than the GH4 however for filming it does lack off-speed which the GH4 has. Also due to the camera shape, my Metabones adapter did not fit on the G80.

I loved the G80 and it’s size is just perfect for slotting in my bag without taking up extra room. For this reason I can use it as a remote camera, or just 2nd or 3rd body when need.

The G80 has an incredibly silent shutter in silent mode plus takes 4k stills at 30fps which is unrivalled, 300 shots in 10 seconds is great to capture the action, even if they are only 8mp JPEGs. It is still something quite exciting and useful for some of my upcoming projects.

I use the G80 to shoot a lot of behind the scenes stuff, Katie my assistant loves it and it is perfect for filming me doing my work and interviews which we now use as a secondary outlet for our work.

Which camera(s) have you been using for your work to date?

I use a Canon 1DX, Panasonic GH4, Canon 7D and a Sony FS7 for most of my work.

Will the G80 replace or complement them?

Due to the Metabones not fitting on to the G80 and the lack of off speed I can’t see the G80 directly replacing my GH4 yet.

However, its size means I will (and have) used it for some remote stuff and will be using it for that more and more in future projects. The WiFi is improved so I can be further away to trigger it.

Do you have any specific projects in mind?

I used the G80 in Zambia and, to be honest, for its price and size I was blown away. For someone starting or looking to upgrade the G80 coupled with a 100-400 is an incredible set up for wildlife, it is small and lightweight yet the images that combo captures are just amazing and certainly rival the big guns of my 1DX/500mm combo at times.

Like I say I have also been using it to shoot behind the scenes stuff simply as its so light and easy to take on trips. I’ll also be using it as a remote triggering camera for a few new projects but can’t say much more than that for now. Watch this space….

Click here to watch Luke’s amazing video from Zambia

Jacob James, travel and documentary photographer

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For me the G80 is the best hybrid camera Panasonic have made to date, it has all the photography features I’ve come to love in the GX8/80 such as low pass removal, stabilisation, weather sealing, fast AF etc and combines them with the key video features of the GH4 (and some).

So you have the 4K video, DUAL IS in video (which is awesome), cine gamma profiles, clean HDMI out which form the basis for a very nice video camera as well as a stills camera.

Before, I was using the GX8 and GH4, but if I could only have one camera to take on a shoot that required stills and video, this would be it.

I can already see it being used for hand held run and gun documentary work, the stabilisation is awesome in video and really makes for a flexible camera where larger rigs and gimbals are impossible. I’ve gone into much more detail on my blog here.

To conclude, I think it’s an extremely capable and flexible hybrid camera, and gets me very excited for what is to come in the GH5!


Panasonic G80 sample photos
Panasonic Focus Stacking mode





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