News |Panasonic LEICA DG SUMMILUX 9mm f/1.7 announced

Panasonic LEICA DG SUMMILUX 9mm f/1.7 announced


Panasonic has announced the release of the LEICA DG SUMMILUX 9mm F1.7 lens for Micro Four Thirds. This new lens features an ultra-wide 9mm focal length (35mm equivalent to 18mm) with a large aperture. 

The LEICA DG SUMMILUX 9mm F1.7 packs in some interesting features for an ultra-wide angled lens, such as the 0.095m minimum focusing distance and a magnification ratio of 0.25x (35mm equivalent to 0.5x).

This combination of features enables the lens to be used to take close-up images while still enabling the capture of sweeping backgrounds, helping to keep the subject in context. 

The large aperture of f/1.7 also enables smooth bokeh effects for both stills and video use. 

The make-up of the lens sees twelve elements in nine groups that include two ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) and UHD (Ultra High Refractive Index). These lenses help to suppress axial chromatic aberration, chromatic aberration of magnification and astigmatism. 

The UHR lens enables uniform image quality from the centre of the lens to the edge. This lens also helps to enable the downsizing of the physical size of the lens. While the lens is compact it features a standard 55mm diameter filter thread for mounting optional filters or filter systems.

Ensuring the creation of smooth bokeh the lens features a 7-blade aperture diaphragm. Fast autofocus has been addressed with silent operation that works at a maximum of 240fps to ensure that you always capture the image you want. 

For the non-linear setting, the focus is shifted a variable amount depending on the rotation speed of the focus ring. While in a linear setting the focus is shifted at a designated amount. The sensitivity of the focus can be adjusted from 90 to 360º by 30º increments to get the lens to work for you.

When it comes to video the LEICA DG SUMMILUX 9mm F1.7 has been designed with a mechanism that suppresses focus breathing. The lens also features micro-step aperture control that enables smooth exposure control.

The new LEICA DG SUMMILUX 9mm F1.7 will be available from mid-June for £449. Check out for details.


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