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Panasonic launches winter cashback offers

Photokina 2016: 04 Panasonic GH5

Panasonic has announced its latest round of cashback offers, just in time for Black Friday and Christmas.

From now until 9 January 2017 you can claim up to £100 in rebates on Panasonic’s G-series cameras and up to £50 on purchases of camcorders. What’s more, you can claim up to £100 cashback on select Panasonic Lumix G lenses.

Among the cameras available on the Panasonic cashback offer are the Panasonic GH4, for which you can claim £100 cashback.

You can also claim £100 cashback on the new Panasonic GX80, or claim £70 back on the Panasonic G7.

Panasonic is also offering rebates on applicable Lumix G lenses from its range. Among the Panasonic lenses included are the H-FS100300E, H-X025E, H-PS45175E-K, H-FS45150EKA, H-FS14140EKA, H-H025E-K, which qualify for £20 cashback.

Or you can claim £40 cashback on the H-NS043E, H-FS35100E-K, H-HS35100E, H-HS12035E, H-ES045E and H-F007014E. Purchases of the HX-025E-K are eligible for £100 cashback.

From its camcorder range, Panasonic is offering £50 cashback on the HC-VXF990EBK and HC-VX870.

The claim deadline for all offers is 6 Mark 2017. For more details, visit Panasonic’s website.


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