News |Optimise your drone footage with PolarPro’s Aurora Cinematic Color Presets

Optimise your drone footage with PolarPro’s Aurora Cinematic Color Presets


PolarPro is known for it’s quality GoPro and drone filters. The filters that they make are designed to fit over the lenses of the small drone cameras and help pilots to capture stunning cinematic footage. Now harnessing the experience of their physical filter range they’ve have now launched the Aurora Cinematic Color Presets – Mavic Pro Edition software.

The MGCOOL Explorer Pro action camera launches with 4K features for less than $70.

The  Aurora – Cinematic Color Presets offer a streamline post production workflow for video editors that will enable them to quickly enhance drone footage. At present the presets have been optimised for use with the DJI Mavic Pro and Phantom Pro 4, but don’t worry if you have another drone then PolarPro have plans to increase the list of compatible drones soon.

Despite the compact size of the Mavic Pro and larger Phantom 4 the small cameras that they carry are far from small in quality and features. They have the ability to capture high quality 4K footage that will seamlessly blend in with footage from much larger systems.

To make sure that the blend between different sources is as smooth as possible DJI have made sure that their drones offer a decent range of recording options for video. One of these options is D-Log which enables you to shoot flat footage.

This flat footage might look pretty dull direct from camera but this raw video enables you far greater control when it comes to optimising the videos quality. That flat footage also enables you to capture a far greater dynamic range with the result of more detail in the shadows and highlights.

The Aurora bundle of presets offers a packed creative range with 12 Look Up Tables, LUTs to match the type of footage that you have been shooting.

Using the presets across different drones enables editors to quickly match the tone and colour for consistency and easy blending between cameras and angles.

The presets are compatible with most Adobe products, Final Cut Pro X (LUT or plugin required) and Davinci Resolve.

The following two images show examples of still taken from footage with a side-by-side before and after of two of the effects.

Aurora Elektra Warm Aurora Purity Cool

YI HALO VR camera can shoot stereoscopic video at 8K x 8K

PolarPro’s Aurora Cinematic Color Presets are available now for $29.99 from the PolarPro website



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