News |OPPO unveils new under-screen smartphone camera technologys

OPPO unveils new under-screen smartphone camera technology

OPPO unveils new under-screen smartphone camera technology

OPPO has officially announced a new under-screen camera (USC) technology for its smartphones that places the front camera discreetly under the display.

Originally revealed as a prototype at Mobile World Congress Shanghai in 2019, OPPO says the new USC shrinks the size of each pixel without decreasing the number of pixels, ensuring a 400-PPI display.

The new screen technology also enables each pixel circuit to drive only 1 pixel. This allows the screen brightness to be precisely controlled and means smaller fonts can be displayed accurately with better depiction of textural details and colours.

OPPO says this ‘1-to-1’ pixel circuit along with a dedicated optimisation algorithm deliver display compensation in the USC area of the screen, improving the display’s lifespan by up to 50%.

OPPO’s USC technology also introduces a series of imaging AI algorithms, including diffraction reduction, HDR and AWB, designed to reduce blur and image glare. OPPO achieved this by training its AI diffraction reduction model using tens of thousands of images to control problems caused by light diffraction.

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