Oppo shows off smartphone with under-display front camera

Oppo shows off smartphone with under-display front camera

Oppo has revealed a new prototype smartphone that features the front camera under the display.

The company, which grabbed headlines earlier this year with its 10x zoom smartphone – the first of its kind – says that its new under-display technology means no more notches or interruptions within the screen.

Showing it off at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai, Oppo says the camera will feature a newly designed pixel structure that is more capable of transmitting light.

It will also boast a bigger sensor with bigger pixels to account for the light that will be absorbed by the display.

And to answer the question on everyone’s mind who has ever tried to shoot through glass, Oppo has developed an algorithm to remove the effects of haze from images. What’s more, it has created HDR and white balance algorithms to further enhance image quality.

Oppo hasn’t given a release date nor any concrete specs for its ‘futuristic, notchless’ phone.

Via DPReview