Olympus Spain also confirms commitment to staying in imaging market

Olympus camera rumours 2016

Olympus Spain has joined its Russian branch in debunking a rumour that the company could be leaving the imaging market.

In a post to its Facebook page, Olympus Spain confirmed that the company is undergoing a major restructuring program, but reaffirmed its commitment to ‘innovating in the photography market.’

The company’s statement reads:

Olympus is currently in a comprehensive transformation program to continue its development and growth as a global medical and optical technology company.

The business area of photography plays an important role as a pioneer technology driver for the entire Olympus group developing and innovating in the field of digital technology and networks that then applies in our business area of medical solutions and Scientists.

Olympus will continue to work to continue innovating in the photography market always faithful to its philosophy and to our main competencies: a compact and light photographic system, exceptional image stabilization and high-resolution goals.

Via Photo Rumors