News |Olympus: 8K video is on its way for Micro Four Thirds

Olympus: 8K video is on its way for Micro Four Thirds

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Olympus is developing sensors for the Micro Four Thirds format that can support 8K video, according to a senior representative at Olympus.

In an interview with the French publication Focus Numerique, the General Manager of Olympus’s Product Planning Manager, Mr. Akira Watanabe, said: “We can assure you that there is no problem in developing sensors at 33 million pixels for filming in 8K.

“We started the 4/3″ saga with a sensor at 5MP In 2003. Now the same sensor is at 20MP with a much higher image quality, especially for the management of electronic noise.”

It’s worth noting that these comments are pulled from a Google translation of his French interview.

Mr. Watanabe also suggests that Olympus is looking at developing its own version of Nikon’s Snapbridge technology and suggests the company could offer a handheld high-resolution mode in the in the future.

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