News |Olfi offer break it replace it on one.five action camera

Olfi offer break it replace it on one.five action camera

Olfi One.five

We’re in the midst of one of the all-time hottest summers here in the UK, and this means that there’s more time for fun out on the bike trails, at the beach and elsewhere

And with this uptick in activity, there’s an increased chance that action camera users are more likely to stack it, in one fashion or another.

The way we choose to faceplant is varied – it could be a pummeling from the surf or taking a corner wrong and crashing out, but the upshot is possible injury to yourself and possible damage to your precious action cam.

While you may physically be in pain after a crash, what often hurts the most is the damage you’ve inflicted on your kit.

Olfi replace your camera if you smash it

Action camera manufacturer Olfi knows that action camera users break things, whether it’s bones or cameras. And to help relieve the pain it’s announced that in addition to the 12-month warranty it already offers on its one.five cameras, it’s now offering a ‘you break it we replace it’ service.

All you need to do is to make sure that you’ve registered your Olfi camera within 60 days of purchase, and then if the worst does happen you can post the camera back to Olfi, and Olfi will replace it.

There is a £35 admin fee, which will need to be paid in all instances if you do break your camera and it has to be replaced.

You can check out the ‘Break it replace it’ offer at Olfi’s website.

This offer demonstrates once again Olfi’s commitment to the action camera scene, with the company supporting users after their initial purchase to ensure they’ll be able to keep enjoying their action cam.

If you want to find out more about the Olfi’s action camera, check out our full review of the Olfi one.five.

Olfi offer break it replace it on one.five action camera
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Olfi offer break it replace it on one.five action camera
Action cameras are designed for knocks and scrapes so it's inevitable that eventually, they'll sustain damage. Olfi is now offering a full break it replace it service for their action cameras.
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Camera Jabber
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