Novoflex Classicball tripod ball heads offer 360-degree rotation, upside mounting for panoramas


Novoflex has launched a new range of tripod ball heads, the Classicball – price tags starting from $495 – which can be mounted upside down for shooting panoramas, as well as offering 360-degree rotation.

The Novoflex Classicball trio consists of the CB2 (price $495), CB 3 II (price $475) and CB 5 II (price $692). Each new Novoflex ball head can handle a payload of 5kg, 8kg and 12kg, respectively.

What’s more, the Classicball ball heads boast a spirit level built into the base of the mount.

Novoflex also offers a range quick-release accessories, as well as an L-bracket and plate.

Users can also twist a dial to adjust the ball head’s friction. Watch the short video above for a pretty good demonstration of how the Classicball ball heads work in use.

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