News |Nokia developing phone with five camerass

Nokia developing phone with five cameras

Nokia developing phone with five cameras

Nokia appears to be developing a phone that boasts a five-camera setup, according to a leaked photo posted online.

The image, which was posted on Device Specifications, shows the back of a Nokia phone that appears to have five cameras situated in a circular shape.

Also visible on the back of the Nokia five-camera phone are the Zeiss and Android One logos.

The photo was allegedly taken at a factory during a small-scale production run back in April this year.

Now, even if this image is genuine, it’s entirely possible this five-camera Nokia phone will never be brought to market. Companies make test runs of new products all the time that killed off for myriad reasons.

But in light of recent news that multi-camera smartphones are driving the majority of sales, it seems highly likely that smartphone manufacturers will be seeking every opportunity to push the envelope like Huawei did with its three-camera P20 Pro.

Via DPReview

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