News |Nissin launches Commander Air 10s wireless flash control

Nissin launches Commander Air 10s wireless flash control

Nissin launches Commander Air 10s wireless flash control

Nissin has added a new wireless flash control to its Nissin Air System, introducing the Nissin Commander Air 10s, price tag £161.94.

Distributed by Kenro, the Nissin Commander Air 10s promises a number of improvements over the original Air 1 Commander, the company says.

The Air 10s operates via 2.4 GHz radio control in any light conditions and and is compatible with Fujifilm, Micro Four Thirds, Sony, Canon and Nikon cameras

Kenro says the Air 10s retains the same dial layout and colour LCD display as the Air 1 and is also compatible with the NAS-ready i60A and Di700A, as well as any flashguns connected to a Receiver Air R.

Among the Nissin Commander Air 10s’ other features are a new MicroSD card slot that allows users to update the device with new firmware. Nissin will also include this card slot as standard on all future Nissin flashguns and commanders.

The Commander Air 10s also offers an extended maximum range of 100 metres. TTL mode, high speed sync up to 1/8000s, rear curtain sync and other flash functionality can all be controlled from the Commander Air 10s, as well.

Kenro says you can also now control up to 8 different groups of flashguns with the Air 10s Commander, and each group can be independently controlled with different settings.

A new advanced groups control options allow you to mix manual and TTL modes in multiple groups to create complex lighting effects with multiple flash units.

There’s a new strobe / multi mode control that’s available when paired with the forthcoming Nissin MG10As strobe-enabled flashgun.

In TTL mode, Kenro says you can adjust and fine-tune your exposure in 1/3 EV increments down to 1/256.

There’s also a new TTL memory function that enables the Air 10s to memorise your exposure settings during a TTL mode shoot for the next time. It also offers a one-touch switch to manual mode when using this function.

Kenro says the Commander Air 10s also offers what it calls ‘crossover control’. What this means is that a photographer who has recently switched from Sony to Canon can use their Canon Commander Air 10s to control their NAS-ready Sony flashguns, and still retain use of all the functions including TTL.

Finally, a new open mode lets you pair multiple Air 10s units with the same group of flashguns so that if you need to change cameras mid-shoot, the settings are retained as the shoot continues, allowing multiple cameras and commanders to share the same group of NAS flashguns.

Kenro says the Nissin Commander Air 10s is currently available in Canon and Nikon fits only, with Sony, Four Thirds and Fujifilm to follow in the near future.

Kenro has also launched a new Nissin LS-50C carbon fibre flash stand, priced £147.50. The Nissin LS-50C offers a maximum height of 2m, weighs 575g and folds down to a total length of 48cm. It also boasts 1/4″ and 3/8” screw threads for attaching flashguns, softboxes and other accessories.


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