News |NiSi Optics USA launches Explorer Photo & Video tripods

NiSi Optics USA launches Explorer Photo & Video tripods

Nisi Launch new Explorer Photo & Video tripods

Today NiSi Optics USA has announced the launch of twelve new products in their tripod range. These include six new tripods, three new ball heads, a monopod and two new accessories.

Each of the six tripods has been designed with the same key principles to supply a solid foundation for whatever style of photography you are doing.

Utilising advanced materials such ass 10x carbon fibre, these tripods have been designed to be used in all conditions while being lightweight and robust. Nisi offers a five-year manufacturer warranty with each model to reinforce the quality.

Explorer EX-ACPRO Ascent Professional Carbon Fiber Tripod

The largest of the new range, the EX-ACPRO, is used with larger DSLR and Mirrorless systems up to 53.3lbs / 24.2kg. The 10x Carbon fibre legs and mix of other materials give it weight at an impressive 58.55oz / 1.7kg. It will be available as just the legs or in a kit with the EX-XL ball head.

Explorer GX-PROK Gravity Explorer Pro Table Top Tripod

This compact tabletop tripod has been designed to be used anywhere and give you the camera support you need. It will happily hold cameras up to 6.6lbs/3kg and features a low-profile GX-02 Explorer Ball Head. This tripod is ideal for vloggers, mobile and low-angle photography.

Explorer TX-VK Voyager Carbon Travel Tripod

The Explorer TX-VK Voyager Carbon Travel Tripod is NiSi’s travel option. Packing down to just 13.78-inches / 35cm, it’s an ideal option to strap onto your backpack and weighs in at 43.38oz / 1.2kg. While small, this travel tripod will easily support loads of up to 30.865lbs / 14kg on the compact BX-25 ball head.

Epic Explorer Ball Heads

NiSi has launched three ball heads into the range, the EX-M, EX-L and EX-XL, all offering a 90º tilt and each feature compatibility with ARCA / RRS clamps.

The Epic Explorer EX-M weighs in at 9.7oz / 0.27kg and has a load capacity of 33lbs / 14.18kg.
The Epic Explorer EX-L weighs in at 14.18oz / 0.4kg and has a load capacity of 66lbs / 28.93kg.
The Epic Explorer EX-M weighs 19.8oz / 0.56kg and has 88.2lbs / 40kg load capacity.

Explorer EX-EXPMONO Expedition Carbon Fibre Monopod

Like the rest of the range, the new monopod features 10x layer carbon fibre tubes. This lightweight build gives this monopod an overall weight of 14.11oz / 0.4kg. On top is a reversible 1/4, 3/8-inch thread, ensuring you have the choice of bolting the monopod directly to your camera base or onto a tripod head.

The five-section design packs down small and extends to a full height of 164.85cm.

Explorer Sidekick Magic arm & clamp

The final two new releases are the support accessories, the Explorer SX-MA Sidekick Magic Arm and Explorer SX-MC Sidekick Magic clamp. These accessories complement the new range and enable you to attach accessories such as microphones or field monitors with ease.

For more details on all these new products, check out and


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