News |NiSi launch 5-9 Stop Variable NDs

NiSi launch 5-9 Stop Variable ND

NiSi launch 5-9 Stop Variable ND

Controlling light is a crucial skill for any photographer and one of the most versatile tools at your disposal is the Variable ND.

This type of photographic filter screws into the front of your lens and features two-element. When the front element is rotated, it effectively reduces or increases the amount of light that can pass through. 

NiSi today announce the PRO Nano 5-9 Stops Enhance ND-VARIO a high-quality variable ND that can be used for both stills and video. 

What makes this filter unusual is the range: from 5 to 9 stops of exposure reduction.

This will enable videographers to more easily adjust find the balance between framerate, shutter and creative control. 

Stills Photographers will also benefit from this new 5-9 stop filter by being able to shoot creatively in bright conditions where the use of a large open aperture can be difficult.

Key Features of the Nisi 5-9 stop ND-VARIO

  • Reduce Exposure by 5 to 9 Stops
  • Easily Rotated with The Side Lever
  • Waterproof Nano Coating
  • Ultra Slim Frame and Optical Glass
  • Enhance Color
  • No X effect

The filter features many additions that will assist with controlling the light. Most notable are the side lever and clear markings for maximum and minimum intensity. 

The new PRO Nano 5-9 Stops Enhance ND-VARIO is available now in the following sizes: 40.5,46,49,52,55,58,62,67,72,77,82,95mm

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