News |Nikon Z9 to have 3-way flip screen

Nikon Z9 to have 3-way flip screen

Nikon Z9

Nikon has revealed a short teaser video about its flagship mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z9. As usual, it doesn’t reveal a huge amount of information, but one thing that is apparent is that the screen can be tilted sideways as well as up and down. This means that the screen can be angled to make it easier to see when the camera is held in landscape or portrait orientation.

Take a look at Nikon’s Z9 teaser video here:

Nikon Z9 specifications

While information about the Nikon Z9 is still very limited, we know that it will be dual-gripped and will feature a new full-frame (or FX-format) stacked CMOS sensor paired with a new processing engine.

Nikon has already indicated that the camera will be capable of recording 8K video which means that the sensor will have a resolution of at least 35.6Mp.

As we’d expect from a Nikon Z-series camera, the Z9 will also have the Nikon Z-mount. In addition, we anticipate it to be durable with top-level weather-sealing.


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