News |Nikon Z9 reveals its rear

Nikon Z9 reveals its rear

Nikon Z9

Nikon has released a second teaser video for its hotly anticipated flagship mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z9 and in it we get a fleeting glimpse of the rear of the new camera. While the back of the Z9 is only on screen for around a second, we grabbed a frame to get a closer look.

Nikon Z9

You can see the latest video below:

Comparing the back of the Nikon Z9 with the Nikon Z7 II and D6 reveals that it has more in common with the mirrorless camera than the DSLR. However, being double-gripped, the Z9 is taller than the Z7 II and Z6 II which means that there’s space for a row of buttons under the rear screen.

These buttons are similar to those in the same location on the D6. However, the D6 has four buttons, to access the drive, image quality and white balance settings, plus an Info button. In their place, the Z9 has a marking for LAN (presumably with a light), and buttons marked with a microphone icon, Qual and WB. There’s also a built-in mic just to the right of the white balance button and then a bit further over, an ‘i’ button to activate the information menu. This I is orientated for use when the camera is held vertically.

We already know that the Nikon Z9 will be capable of recording 8K footage but the latest teaser confirms this by showing 4320P at 30fps on the camera’s screen.

While there are several animals and birds shown being videoed by the camera, and the focus looks spot-on, there’s no indication that Animal Eye Detection AF is in action.

You may remember from the first teaser video that the Nikon Z9 has a 3-way tilting screen.


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