UPDATED: Nikon Z1 image leaked online was early Z6/Z7 prototype

UPDATED: possible Nikon Z1 image leaked online

We’ve updated this story with new details at the bottom…

An image of what appears to be a Nikon Z1-branded mirrorless camera with a Z mount has been posted online.

Nikon Rumors has posted the image, which it received (above). Immediately the purported Nikon Z1 reflects mostly the same body shape as the existing Z6 and Z7 cameras, with a few subtle differences.

There is no top plate display screen like on the Nikon Z1 like there is on the Z6 and Z7, and the mode dial appears to have slightly different options. These differences would make sense given that the next Nikon Z camera is expected to be an entry-level model to compete with the Canon EOS RP.

And this is about all we can see from the image in terms of direct controls.

The image leaks just days after a Nikon executive at the CP+ show in Japan was quoted confirming that a new Nikon Z camera ‘for consumers’ was in the pipeline.

If we had to guess, we would expect that a Nikon Z1 price tag would sit around the £1,300 / $1,400 mark to compete with the Canon EOS RP, with a release date possibly as soon as this summer.


We’ve had a bit more clarity on this story and the source of the image. Mirrorless Rumors and its commenters have helped fill in the gaps.

In short, this is a real image of a real Nikon Z1 entry-level full-frame camera mock-up, but as far as anyone knows there is no Nikon Z1 in the production pipeline.

It appears this mock-up was a design prototype which eventually led to the Nikon Z6 and Z7.