Nikon releases excellent Four Weddings documentary, shot on D850

Nikon releases excellent Four Weddings documentary, shot on D850

Nikon has released a new documentary called Four Weddings, shot entirely on the Nikon D850, which follows four couples in the UK, US, India and Romania and tells their stories from the wives’ perspectives.

Launched to coincide with the Royal Wedding, the aim of Nikon’s Four Weddings documentary is to show that it’s not just Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that are beaking convention.

Four Weddings features a US Army soldier discharged from Iraq who overcomes prejudice by following her heart rather than her head; a terminally-ill British woman unsure of the future; a young Romanian bride debating what community means today; and an Indian woman who turns the idea of arranged marriage on its head.

Filmed by wedding photographer Will Patrick, the 20-minute film was created by Pi Studios for Nikon and shot entirely on Nikon’s D850 with a range of NIKKOR lenses by award-winning director Matt Houghton from Pulse Films.

We’ve watched the documentary, and it’s really very good! We could comment on the D850’s great image quality, but that kind of speaks for itself.

This is just a great piece of storytelling that is genuinely moving at times and perfectly illustrates the ways in which our notions of marriage our changing.

You can watch the documentary in full below…